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Malai Marghertia

An all time favorite pizza made with our secret tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella Cheese.

Rs 320

Cottage Cheese

Tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, tomatoes and grated paneer.

Rs 340

Magic Mushroom

Fresh tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.



Fresh tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, broccoli, jalapenos and cheese.


Drunken Pizza

Signature pizza, chef’s secret four blend cheese, clubbed with fresh tomato and cocktail sauce.


Spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella , Roasted Red-yellow-green capsicums, black olives and red peprica.


La Mexicano

Spicy salsa sauce, bell peppers, black beans, onion, mozzarella cheese, green coriander



Tomato sauce, black-green olives, fresh garlic, artichokes and mozzarella cheese.



Two layered, spicy tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese on one layer and spicy tomato sauce topped with black olives, onion, capsicum and mozzarella cheese on second layer.



Fresh tomato sauce, pineapple, American corn and mozzarella cheese.

  • Adil-Marawala
    Located opposite Yes Bank, above Chandrakant Golani's Designer studio, opposite Inox Multiplex race course, the restaurant is a walk up to two floors and hence is not wheelchair friendly. The interiors are rustic wood floors and tables with intersting seating arrangements. The serving tables are spaced to offer privacy. Two TV screens complete the entertainment factor. Generally contemporary Billboard chartbustres are played in the in house radio. For starters we tried the Benito special taco plattar- 4 taco shells filled with bean iceberg lettuce cabbage and fresh salsa filling. there was shredded cheddar cheese shavings on top. We also tried the jalapeno cheese and mushroom poppers in the entre which were nice but so temping they were off the table the moment they arrived. All pizza preparations are baked in a wood fired clay oven and hence the dough is light and crisp. all pizzas are 10 inches We ordered the farmaggio pizza and the Olive Bash Pizza which had generous toppings and good amount of fresh mozarella cheese.... difficult to find in pizza places in Vadodara. The pizza base was flavoured with oregano and was not sweet... thankfully. We ordered the penne pasta in herb sauce and the pasta was creamy, good portions and nicely cooked. Some friends found it to lack salt, but I dont complain otherwise the pasta would end up tasting too Indian instead of italian. There is a good selection of starters, pizza pasta an even sandwiches / bruschetta and some dessert and mocktail. The restaurant is pure veg... which is a drawback for meat lovers. But it is reasonably priced compared to top notch pizza places in Baroda like Little Italy or Bayleaf Inside information - The owners of the restaurant were formerly operating a popular pizza joint New Yorkers in Vadodara. So all New Yorker fans will know the kind of pizzas to expect. Thankfully the flavours are consistent . Wishing the La Benito team all the best and hopefully they will continue to impress the lovers of latin cuisine in years to come
  • Nayan Prajapati
    La Benito serves the tastiest food which is equally healthy and safe to consume. My friend took me this place, and now I am a constant visitor to this place. Every time I go over there, I actually get lost in the great food with the atmosphere giving an outstanding charm. I strongly recommend you all to have a visit to La Benito.
    Nayan Prajapati
  • Priyanka Odedara Sida
    All my family get-together are often at La Benito. And I must say they love the place whenever I bring them over here. The environment is awesome to chit chat and have some fun with your loved ones. Talking about the food, no words can match the expectancy of their taste and standard.
    Priyanka Odedara Sida
  • Diku Rawal
    My children are in love with the food served over here. The ambiance they create is simply superb to release all your tensions and worry. Whenever I feel to enjoy the delicacy of pure wonder, without any second thought I go to La Benito.
    Diku Rawal
  • Shreya Popat
    The place is a little too cramped up and makes it difficult to eat in peace. Having said that, I’d still go back again and again for the love of their sizzlers! Veg satellite is a must try.
    Shreya Popat
  • Rushi Kishnani
    Outstanding food, artistically presented, expertly served. Every aspect of the experience was perfect. Very well balanced menu with slick service. Could not have been happier. I would recommend trying nachos & falafel but make sure you have book a table in advance as it is always busy.
    Rushi Kishnani
  • Harshal Mistry
    Nice place to enjoy Italian food with family. The soups were very nice. Nachos with refired beans were really awesome.
    Harshal Mistry
  • Rushi Kishnani
    Outstanding food, artistically presented, expertly served. Every aspect of the experience was perfect. Very well balanced menu with slick service. Could not have been happier. I would recommend trying nachos & falafel but make sure you have book a table in advance as it is always busy.
    Rushi Kishnani
  • Smruti Prakash
    Service, food, taste wowπŸ‘Œ Ambiance was also good. Service is really fast and taste was awesome. Tried cheese found, nachos, sizzler and burrito... Go for it and you will love it..
    Smruti Prakash
  • Hinaly Bhasin
    One visit to Baroda and i chose this place for some good food and to my amusement it did more than my expectation! 😍 Ambiance is quiet, cozy, nice and service was good too! Well, talking about food, i was mesmerized by the taste of the food!😍 I loved all the dishes i ordered! I must say, these people really know my taste bud (πŸ˜‚) Masala garlic bread: 5/5 😍 Corn cheese and chilies sizzler: 5/5 Cold coffee with ice cream: 5/5.
    Hinaly Bhasin
  • Sachi Mehta Shroff
    Since its early days, I am a regular visitor of this place only for Sizzler. This place serves one of the best Sizzlers in the city. I always order Paneer Steak Sizzler which tastes always the same and superb. We have also tried their Pizzas which were equally superb. All n all, very nice place and would visit it again n again for Sizzler.
    Sachi Mehta Shroff
  • Harshal Kharod
    Great place, food, quality and reasonable price.
    Harshal Kharod
  • Sruthy Krishnaraj
    Beautiful place for a dine out plan ..... The place gets crowded up..... Yet calm and cozy ambiance...... Appreciable hospitality..... Expensive..... But the experience was worth it...
    Sruthy Krishnaraj
  • Kuldeep Thakkar
    Great place for sizzlers. We ordered 3 sizzlers and all 3 were so yummy. Restaurant has good interior and good feel . If you are looking for restaurant serving sizzlers , you can go for this one. Liked the staff and their service. I think everything was just perfect. Thumbs up πŸ‘
    Kuldeep Thakkar
  • Ipsita Sahu
    Great place to have awesome food. Ambiance is good .Price is decent. Service here is good.food taste was great.if looking for a peaceful food time with friends and family you will love this place.
    Ipsita Sahu
  • Meenakshi krishnamurthy
    Excellent restaurant with varieties of Mexican , Italian , labaneze and many more countries cuisine with enjoyable spice.
    Meenakshi krishnamurthy
  • Meet shah
    An exquisite Mexican diner which serves equally delicious Italian too. Perfect balance of a warm cozy ambiance, courteous service and a perfect placed meal. Pizzas are must try there along with their signature cheese nachos clubbed with in-house salsa sauce and sufficient serving quantity ensures that everyone gets a pie of food.
    Meet shah
  • Shubham dange
    Best place to have Italian cuisine and Mediterranean Mexican. The ambiance is amazing and the place is a bit small but it won't bother you once the food is served. It has special humus and falafel dishes. Rs 1000 for two people which is expensive but the taste is purely Italian as the chef and cooks are highly skilled ones. Must stop by if you are looking for some authentic taste.
    Shubham dange
  • Atul S
    You can check out their extensive menu on Zomato. We had several starters , including garlic mushrooms, humus with pita; Greek salad.; garlic bread, Ravioli pasta and pizza and choc lava cake with ice cream to finish with. It truly was a gastronomic delight. Quality ingredients used with every course; generous portions and authentic tasting food. Only regret is we did not discover this restaurant before. Beats Little Italy hands down!
    Atul S
  • Shri
    Good quality Mexican Food !! Food quality is good and service is also nice. One of best Mexican and Italian food you will get in Vadodara.
  • Travel A Million Miles
    Visited this place today after recommendation from a friend. Must have : Brochette. Melt in your mouth good. Other dishes we tried were the Paneer Showorma, Chef's spl Drunken Pizza and a pasta. Service was prompt and courteous. Food arrived quickly without having to wait for too long, and the rates are quite reasonable for a place of this quality.
    Travel A Million Miles
  • Alpa shah
    wow mouth watering food wow mouth watering food all Italian and continental food lover must visit and cherish all variety of food ..there road facing window table is the best place to enjoy food ,family or friends can enjoy and eat at fullest of there joy, staff is also co operative only one thing i felt is they serve little less quantity in compare to price what they charge ,but otherwise worth visiting.
    Alpa shah
  • Vazaria
    Yummy is the word Went with my friends and had the best italian and continental cuisine in Baroda. Its a cosy place. The food is totally worth it. A must visit if you are ready to splurge a little and want to have some exclusive cuisine. Yummy is the word.
    NICE MEXICAN AND ITALIAN DISHES pleasant premises and good food and ambiance. loved the starters. Mexican dishes are especially well made.
    Delicious Italian & Mexican Food We had delicious Italian & Mexican dinner. Value for money. Mushroom in starter was superior. Whenever plan to have Italian and Mexican we recommend you. Worth visiting. Ambiance is average but food excellent.
  • Nikhil
    good Italian food- for all pizza and pasta lovers this is a must visit place -- do not write it off by the location or name if you love good Italian food and for cheese lovers you must savor the cheesy sizzlers as they are awesome.