Welcome to La Benito

Traditional recipes
with our own spin-off

La Benito is located at the most exclusive part of the beautiful Vadodara City with a promise to be the place you are looking for a bite to eat while you catch up with your neighbors, friends and family.

The name LA BENITO means THE BLESSED, reflects the literal and true love we receive from our patrons since inception of our restaurant in the year 2014. La Benito is blessed immensely to be able to maintain the faith of our patrons, the quality and taste our patrons often seek.

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Over the years, La Benito has progressed from a humble eatery to a most loved vegetarian restaurant, taking on modish approach offering wide array of dishes of Italian, Mexican, Lebanese origin, but with it’s own spin off. With due respect to our vegetarian roots, for over seven years, La Benito is well known for serving vegetarian food and has marked its presence with it’s characteristic charm and delicious taste in Vadodara City.

The perfect menu starts with me and ends at U!

La Benito is the getaway to relish your taste buds with outstanding flavours and delicacy. We serve premium and healthy eateries that are served and cooked with great love and affection. La Benito maintains a great safety standard in terms of the food being prepared and the cleanliness portfolio is also given huge importance too. There’s something for everyone on the menu and new dishes are being added all the time, kindly check often for specials by our chefs and their team. At all times you can connect with us through our website. We welcome all ideas, comments and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.